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Ultracare™ Advanced Scar Gel

Ultracare™ Advanced Scar Gel

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Ultracare™ Advanced Scar Gel

Ultracare™ Advanced Scar Gel

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The Scars We Wear: A Deep Dive into How Scars Form and How to Treat Them

Scars form as a natural part of the healing process after an injury, as the body tries to repair and rebuild damaged tissue. Collagen fibers form to help knit the wound back together, but they often create a different texture and appearance than the surrounding skin. The resulting scar can be raised, sunken, discolored, or have a different texture than the rest of the skin.

Using Scar Gel is one of the effective treatment fro scar. Scar gels are a popular non-invasive treatment option for scars. They work by creating a protective barrier over the scar, which helps to maintain hydration and encourages proper collagen balance during the healing process. This can lead to a flatter, less noticeable scar.

Heal And Transform: The Secret To A Scar-Free Skin

Introducing Ultracare™ Advanced Scar Gel - the ultimate solution to transform your scars into smooth, supple skin that you'll be proud to show off! Our innovative formula is packed with natural ingredients all of which work together to heal, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.

moisturizes and revitalizes the skin: promoting collagen production and enhancing skin elasticity.

 penetrates deeply into the skin

✅ aiding in the reduction of inflammation, redness, and irritation.

softens and refines the skin, fostering quicker healing and minimizing scar-associated pain.

suitable for a variety of scars, including those from acne, surgery, injuries, or stretch marks.

Easy to apply, non-greasy

 So, what are you waiting for? Transform your scars and reveal smoother, more beautiful skin with Ultracare™ Advanced Scar Gel. Order now and experience the confidence that comes with flawless, radiant skin!

When to start using Ultracare™ Advanced Scar Gel

It is best used immediately after the wound is healed, because the scar tissue begins to proliferate one month after the wound heals, reaching a peak in 3-6 months, and a mature scar is formed in about one year. The sooner the scar gel is used, the more active it is. The silicone gel softens and inhibits scar hyperplasia. The more mature the scar, the longer the softening process, and the longer the treatment cycle. Prevention of scar hyperplasia is generally considered to be more effective than treatment.

Mebak scar gel for surgical scars

Mebak scar gel for old scars

how to use mebak silicone scar gel


  • Type: scar gel
  • Net Content: 50 ml
  • For All Skin Types
  • Target User: general

Product Includes

  • Ultracare™ Advanced Scar Gel


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