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THERABODY™ BodyMassager

THERABODY™ BodyMassager

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THERABODY™ BodyMassager

THERABODY™ BodyMassager

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Hear What Our Happy Customers Dianne Peters and Francine Lewis Have To Say About the Whole Body Massager™

“I could not believe how much I love this thing. I'm the kind of person who gets massages all the time because my muscles are so tight, but this thing is like a miracle worker. It's like magic! One minute you're rubbing on it, and then suddenly your body feels like jelly and you can't even feel the knots anymore. I honestly don't know what I did before this thing came into my life. It's changed everything for me—literally everything. I've even stopped going to yoga classes because now all I need is this baby! It's just so easy to use and so effective, too. You won't regret getting this for yourself or as a gift for someone else!” - Dianne., 42, Georgia - 


“I've been using this massager for a couple of weeks now and it's great. It really helps me relax after a long day at work, and I can feel the knots in my back and shoulders melting away as soon as I turn it on. The vibrations are really strong, but not too strong that it hurts or anything like that. It's also really easy to use—I just put it on my back and turn it on, then go about my business while the massager does its thing. It's also very quiet so no one can hear what you're doing. There's no way anyone will be able to tell what you're doing when they walk by your office door! I would definitely recommend this massager to anyone looking for a good way to relax after work or just a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day!” - Francine., 36, Yorkshire - 


Why Is Massage Considered Essential for Your Overall Health?

Massage is a touch therapy where pressure is applied to muscles and soft tissue to enhance the flow of blood and lymph, increase flexibility, and improve overall health. Massage can be used to treat pain, stiffness, stress, anxiety, depression, and other conditions. This has been used for thousands of years as a healing art form in many different cultures across the world. Today it is becoming more common for people to use massage for health benefits instead of just relaxation. It has also grown in popularity among athletes who want to improve their performance by reducing muscle tension and improving flexibility prior to competitions or games.

As you get older, your body naturally produces fewer endorphins, which are molecules that produce feelings of well-being. But massaging yourself can actually help increase the production of endorphins in the body. Massage can be applied with a range of techniques from light strokes to deep tissue massage. There are many different types of massage and devices, each one having various benefits for your overall health and well-being.


What is Muscle Pain and how is it treated?

Muscle pain is one of the most common complaints that people experience. It can occur as a result of overuse, injury, or just plain old aging. Muscle pain can be incredibly debilitating and can make it difficult to perform even simple daily tasks. There are many different types of muscle pain and each one requires its own treatment. Muscle pain can occur when the muscles have been overused or injured. This type of muscle pain is usually felt as soreness in the area where the injury occurred. Symptoms include tenderness, stiffness, and weakness in the injured area. This type of muscle pain usually resolves within a few days after treatment with rest, massage,  ice packs, and anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen or aspirin.

When we age there are many changes that take place in our bodies including changes in our nervous system which can result in increased sensitivity to pain signals from muscles resulting in muscle spasms or cramps which may cause discomfort or even extreme pain if left untreated. 

What Makes a Whole Body Massager A Powerful Alternative Solution For Pain Relief and Relaxation?

Our Whole Body Massager is a device that helps to relieve stress and tension in the muscles and joints of the body, improve circulation and burn fat. It is not just for the back but can be used on any part of the body. This massager uses a unique design to massage the inside as well as the outside of the muscles to enhance blood circulation for quick recovery from fatigue. The device can be used by anyone who wants to have an at-home massage experience without having to hire a professional masseuse or go to a spa. It is also great for those with limited mobility or even just individuals who want to get a good workout while giving themselves some relief from stress.


  • Universal Use - designed to be used on any body type and part including the abdomen, arms, neck, shoulders, legs and more, and can be utilized anywhere: at home, at the gym, or even on the go!
  • Innovative Design - With 6 massage modes and 6-level massage intensity, you can apply adequate and reasonable pressure, choose according to your needs, meet different people's needs, and intelligently simulate the artificial massage technology according to people's hobbies and pressure conditions.
  • High-Quality Material - comes with a gel pad that attaches easily to your skin, providing a secure fit while in use. 
  • Total Body Massage - combines the benefits of manual massage, acupressure, and reflexology into one device. It uses a unique combination of pressure points to stimulate your body's energy flow, promoting relaxation and alleviating stress.
  • Versatile - absolutely lightweight and compact, the ultimate tool for self-care and relaxation that can be used wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Maximum Relief -  a handheld device that provides deep tissue massage that can relieve pressure all over the body and relax muscle discomfort while it improves circulation to help you feel better. 

Take A Look At Gavin’s Ultimate Experience with Whole Body Massager™

Before Use:

I'm a hard worker and I love to stay active, but my body is just not cooperating with me. In the mornings, my back is so stiff that it makes it hard to get out of bed. Even after a long day of work, my body just won't loosen up. It feels like every part of me is in pain! I know there's got to be something better than popping pills and rubbing creams on my sore spots, but what?

After Use:

 After trying WholeBodyMassager™ for just one week, all of my aches and pains disappeared! Now I wake up with energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead of me. My muscles are relaxed and flexible, so getting out of bed is no problem at all! And when the day is done, I feel like I can still go another round if need be—my body is strong again!


To turn on the WholeBodyMassager™, press the power button. Clicking it once adds one level of intensity to the vibrations. To turn off the massager, press and hold the power button for three seconds.


Color: Black Blue

Applicable parts: waist, hips, legs, and back

Packing size of single product: 15cm/5.90in

Net weight: 12g/ piece

Product Includes

1 x WholeBodyMassager™

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